Marcus by Marie

Hi Marie-Sophie,
Brussels was great!

As promised here is what I have to say about my meeting with Sofia:

I can see why you call here ”little miss Sunshine” – from the time she arrived at the hotel to the day I had to leave her for my excursion, Sofia was constantly wearing a wonderful smile. She met my expectations regarding the ”I-want-her-to-want-me-feeling” and it almost felt as if I weren’t with an escort.

Sofia’s not only smart and very dedicated to her studies, she’s also beautiful and sexy. I liked her company and I think she liked mine. If the women in Sweden would be more like her I might actually have the chance to find, or be found, by someone.

Feel free to pass along the positive feedback to Sofia (as long as it doesn’t disrupt her studies ? )!

I’d also like to thank you, Marie-Sophie, for making this meeting come true. You’re very service minded and I might very well get back to you in the future.

Kind regards


Ein neues Feedback für Sofia by Marie

In regards to my evening with Sofia, I first want to thank you for your help to arrange my meeting with her. What an extremely pleasant and sweet young lady. Sophia was quite a pleasure to talk to since she is both intelligent and perceptive. Exactly the type of person I was looking to have dinner with. We had a very nice casual dinner (Plomari in Köln was absolutely fantastic…Sofia really liked it) followed by some drinks at a nice bar the restaurant owner recommended. Sofia was quite engaging the entire time and I believe it was a relaxing time for both of us….especially for me since I did not have to think about business. In fact I ignored my phone all evening (a first for me)!

Sofia’s attire was perfect. Her causal attire was exactly what I desired since it enabled me wear something causal as well. She is a very cute young woman, and even in causal clothes, her beauty was evident. I think I embarrassed myself a little by staring at her the entire time we were together ?

We did return to the hotel later in the evening and I enjoyed my time with her there as well. Waking up next to Sofia in the morning and seeing her smiling face was very nice. She is indeed „Little Miss Sunshine“ as you said.

I look forward to meeting Sofia again in the future (September?) during my next trip to Germany. As we say in the USA, she is a real keeper..

Sincerely, Larry


Volker by Marie


Hallo Marie-Sophie,

lieben Dank für das tolle Treffen. Es war alles TOP. Sofia ist eine Klasse-Frau und hat in jeder Beziehung meine Erwartungen erfüllt. Richten Sie ihr bitte viele Grüße aus. Wir werden uns ganz sicher wiedersehen.